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In Search of Higher Ranking

What? It's not just Facebook????

  • MickeyM619

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by: MickeyM619 posted: February 19, 2014

In Search of Higher Ranking

If you're one of our clients, you've heard us say having a website is just the beginning of the work of promoting your business. If everyone in your industry was doing the same amount of work on search engine optimization aftercare, it would still be mathematically impossible for everyone to rank first. So, to get around that; to make our clients rank highly for the keywords that many people use to search for their business, we work to use keywords and key phrases to create an organic method to increase ranking. 

Problem is that so many people represent themselves as Specialists with no training nor have the right to make the assertion. We had a client fire their company after she realized she'd not heard a word from them in almost a year. In reviewing their work, she found that in past twelve months, they had posted a bunch of Facebook posts that had no call-to-action and no keyword strategy within the site. No keyword work, no rewriting of copy or blogs, just FB.

Since Facebook is so easy to use, sometimes clients get confused that Facebook is the only way to go and they pay little or no attention to their website. Well, that's where BrainChild Branding comes in. Sure, we use Facebook (with calls-to-action) but we do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that is very unsexy but totally effective for improving traffic to your website. I'd get into specifics but I know that glaze when someone is mentally creating their shopping list ("Well, I need Snapple and eggs and..."). That's when I have to turn my nerd off.

Suffice to say, we use a lot of tools to make sure your site ranks high. We're constantly analyzing, refining your meta tags, changing out content, and re-analyzing keywords as they become popular search terms. Sure, we use Google Analytics, but we use much more sophisticated software that compares you to three of your competitors. We see what they're doing right and what they're doing right and we govern ourselves accordingly. And we learn, analyze and follow every change that Google makes to try and shake up the ranking practices.

By implementing these practices we can dramatically increase the traffic to your website. Making a website is a great first step to growing your business, but by following through with organic method, you can go the extra mile to reach out to all your potential clients possible.

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