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Branding Examples

NAHB Membership Brochure

National Association of Home Builders Membership Brochure

Known as “the voice of the housing industry,” Washington, DC-based National Association of Home Builders represents more than 235,000 members involved in all aspects of home building and remodeling.

The membership campaign kicked off with a brochure, targeted to home builders who were not yet members of either their local HBA or a member of the national organization.

This piece was a complex six panel folded to one panel and included a rounded lip that housed several inserts. Those inserts are updated yearly.


National Association of Home Builders Women's Council

Direct Mail Packages

National Association of Home Builders Women’s Council Direct Mail Packages

The National Association of Home Builders Women's Council required several fundraising direct mail campaigns. Pieces included direct mail letters, reply devices, carriers, and BREs (business reply envelopes). The package had to have a look of cohesion and professionalism and promote Building Women Magazine.


Eventive New York Promotional Campaign

Eventive New York Promotional Brochure

Eventive NY: Marketing and Event Executives located in New York City.

Eventive was looking for a branding campaign that would set them apart from all the other special event planners.

We began by writing incredible copy for both the website and the brochure (above.) We developed an eight-panel brochure to be used in the launch of a summer branding campaign.

Hog's Breath Saloon Beer Campaign

Package and Promotional Products Design

Hogs Breath Saloon Beer Campaign Key West Florida

Hog's Breath Beer required a bottle label, six-pack carrier (as shown above), 24-beer chest, t-shirts, and an array of products for the Hog's Breath Store.


Rose Lesniak Dog Training Campaign

Rose Lesniak Dog Training Branding Campaign

Rose Lesniak, an ABC-Certified dog trainer, wanted cohesion in her marketing tools. BCB started with the creation of a logo -- one that was fun and at the same time professional, could work both in color and in black and white, and would address the organic nature of the services.

Next was the design, production, and printing of letterhead, business cards, envelopes and postcards for distribution within the trainer's market.

BCB then bought ad space in Pet Pages Magazine on behalf of the client. BCB also created a 12 oz. fully-branded mug meant to be given to her clients as a premium incentive.

We're currently working on developing her website, so we'll keep you informed when there's more Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer.