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From Candy Wynn

Logo | Website | Collateral | Ongoing Branding Campaign | Search Engine Optimization

"We started a branding campaign with Chris Myers at BrainChild Branding in 2001 with certain preconceived notions. We thought all we had to do was increase our signage, maybe do more television, radio and print. A website was not that high on our list of things to do. We knew we wanted a pretty site just like all the other realtors in the area, but we didn't think we needed much more.

After we sat down for a few sessions with Chris, we realized she were on to something. While we wanted to follow trends, Chris helped us set trends. Our website became the epicenter of our branding campaign and put us on the map in South Florida's real estate market.

Our site is unbelievable. It's got all these cool features, yet I'm able to go in and change anything I want on the site. I change daily listings, my feature properties, anything. I can feature a condo one day and then when that sells put up my favorite single family home.

On top of that, we have this very secure client login. We place bank documents, mortgage information, appraisal information, and the client can track the progress of their sale or purchase. All the while, they can only access THEIR area; our other clients have their own personal access area. It helps cut down paperwork and keeps all this sen sitive material in a safe, secure area that clients feel easy to use. Moving documents back and forth is a breeze.

We have been able to measure the results of our marketing efforts through the use of the built in traffic statistics. When we hit the right note with an internet marketing campaign, we see the real-time results in the increase of visitors to our site.

When we ask, 'How did you hear about us?' the answer is ultimately, "Found you on the web!

It's made it easy for Blue Water Realty Group to trust the ongoing branding solutions we get from Chris at BrainChild Branding."

Candy Wynn
Blue Water Realty Group
Miami Beach, FL