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From Fast Twitch

Branding Campaign | Website | SEO Aftercare

Francois Tort, Owner of Fast Twitch Fitness Performance, had this to say about BrainChild Branding:

"I'm a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and owner of a Personal Training company in the Apollo Beach area. I badly needed to increase my company's online presence in order to increase inquiries for personal training.

Since I've had my website and the search engine optimization aftercare that comes with it, I've had a steady flow of inquiries for training, many of which have turned into profitable business / clientele and contacts for my company. I've compared my competitors' websites to mine and they don't even hold a candle. As a relatively new small business owner, I've made a lot of mistakes in developing my company. Working with Chris Myers at Brainchild Branding is not one of them."

Francois Tort
Fast Twitch Fitness Performance
Tampa, Florida