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From Rose Lesniak

Logo | Website | Collateral | Ongoing Branding Campaign | Search Engine Optimization

Rose Lesniak says, "I'm an ABC-Certified dog trainer in Miami, Florida. I wanted a South Florida-directed branding campaign. I wasn't sure if my business was too small for Chris Myers at BrainChild Branding to bother with. Instead I was treated with as much expert talent as I imagine she treats any client.

Every piece I've had Chris work on has been absolutely wonderful. I love my logo, I love my collateral material, I love my website; I love EVERYTHING she does for me.

Their Search Engine Optimization has translated to thousands of dollars for me. I know that, without her branding campaign, there would have been no way for me to sustain my business and generate those additional $$s.

"Every time I think my branding campaign is fulfilling all my needs, she comes up with completely awesome ideas to grow my business! Chris executes it and 'boom' I have an influx of new leads!