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Special Offer for BCB Clients

A Thank You Offer Only for BrainChild Branding Family Members

Three Months Free Hosting From BrainChild Branding

BrainChild Branding carrying the web

Now that you have a robust website from BrainChild Branding, you've found firsthand how sophisticated the designs are, how intuitive the back end Administrative Areas are and how much control you have over your site. You've seen how easy it is to build your own databases, import your databases from other places, and launch your own email campaigns.

Recently, we've been very flattered by the glowing recommendations you've passed on to your colleagues and, consequently, these kind referrals have resulted in an increase in business here at BrainChild Branding.

Because of this, we want to extend a big thank you to our existing clients with the following offer:

Refer a customer to BrainChild Branding and receive three months' free hosting upon their signed proposal for a website, branding campaign, or logo design!

During those free months, you'll still get our unlimited Website Traffic Statistics, robust databases and all the disk space and bandwidth you need.

Our Ranking experts will still visit your site, as we do now, to check that your meta tags and keywords are working for you and that traffic is at a steady climb.

So, call BrainChild Branding at 813.746.0429 or email us at Info@BrainChildBranding.com, make that referral and three months of FREE hosting is yours.

BrainChild Branding is a full-service branding, advertising and website development firm, serving clients across the United States and Canada. Check us out at BrainChildBranding.com or call for a complimentary quote for any of your branding needs.