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About Us

The Team Led By Chris Myers

Creative Director

Image of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida BCB Power Team doing websites logos

BrainChild Branding is a team made up of internal and Independent Contractors.

We are seasoned professionals in advertising, website design and website development.

We work to enhance your company's identity in your competitive market through various media like logo development, branding campaigns, conceptalization, copywriting, website development, social media and search engine optimization.

Chris Myers

Creative Director

Image of Fort Lauderdale Chris Myers Creative Director Fort Lauderdale FL

Creative Director Chris Myers worked her way up from Typographer to Art Director for MacLeans Magazine . . . Canada's version of Time Magazine.

Chris opened her first agency, Mars Media Communication in Toronto, Canada and built it from the ground up. Mars Media created everything from magazine ads to outdoor advertising and everything in between. Mars Media became one of the first sixth agencies in North America to transfer from traditional typesetting and art production to using the first Apple Macs, combining type, photography and illustrations in one document and outputting them through the use of high-end laser typesetting equipment. (Stop yawning.)

Chris Myers was a beta tester for the first versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress.

Since then she has had such curiosity about her industry that, when she saw a new program unveiled, she could not resist learning it. Macromedia's Flash, Director, InDesign and HTML . . . you name it and she probably knows it.

Loving Toronto but hating the snow caused her to move to Key West for 12 years; eventually ending up in Miami Beach where she both ran BrainChild Branding and taught at the prestigious Miami Ad School. She taught the Masters level students Typography, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress and InDesign.

She went back to school to become a Certified Website Developer and was lucky enough to do an internship for some months with our Chief Website Developer. She started conceptualizing and helped in the development of our Robust sites, our Robust Lite sites and applications.

Currently in search of a project the likes of which she has not seen before, Chris invites a challenge. You can reach Chris at Chris@BrainChildBranding.com.

Dr. Amy Tirpak

Social Media Strategist

Image of top dog Dr. Amy Tirpak Business Manager BrainChild Branding Fort Lauderdale FL

Amy is the head of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and online marketing at BrainChild Branding. 

Amy is a licensed Chiropractic. Her healthcare background includes: massage therapy, sole-practioner, multi-disciplinary practice, and diagnostic imaging. Her business and healthcare experience meld together to help us understand the medical field more than your average bear.

You can reach Amy at Amy@BrainChildBranding.com.

Website Development Guy

Independent Contractor

Website Development Guy

WebDev Guy has an insanely crazy (as in crazy smart), meticulous programming mind. He started programming in 1994 by revamping a client management program (and eventually completely redoing it) written in Foxpro 2.6 for DOS. Since then, Guy has added several languages and programming techniques to his bag of tricks, including Foxpro Visual, Foxpro (Mac and PC), Cold Fusion, HTML, Javascript, Pascal and a host of other digital tidbits.

Yeah, whatever all that means . . . when everyone else was trying to figure out e-commerce, he'd conquered that and moved on to lead the BCB charge for content-management websites. The razor's edge of cutting edge, content management allows the BCB client to manage the content of their own websites, create and utilize a database of interested customers, broadcast pertinent e-mails to the database, take orders online, and a bevy of other dynamic website services.

His current focus is taking our already-robust websites to a whole new level. He's developing websites that are more powerful yet client-friendly. The goal is for the client to be able to go in and manage everything on the website with the knowledge level it takes to create a Word document. And he has scored a touchdown!

Client says, "Hey, I want an add-on application that will program my website to make coffee in the morning." His answer, "Sure, sure, no problem." And then he gets programming. But, chances are if you've dreamt of it, he's probably already created it for one of our other clients.

To contact WebDev Guy, click here.