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En Fuego Studios

Logo Design and Identity Development

En Fuego Studios Logo Design and Identity Development

Jayson Matteucci of Tampa, Florida's En Fuego Studios sent three random pieces of music and asked us to produce a logo that would represent the vibe of each piece of music.

When BCB showed him this logo, he went nuts. "I wanted to be that pain-in-the-butt client that sent you back to the drawing board over and over again. Instead, you gave me a logo that I adore! I dream this logo!"

He later admitted that he had the logo tattooed on his leg!

Winchester Wine and Spirits

Ad Concept and Production

Winchester Wine and Spirits Ad Design and Production

Winchester Wine and Spirits of Boston, MA asked us to design a total package of print ads.

Here's one example.

Copeland Toyota

Advertising Concepts

Copeland Toyota Ad Design and Layout

Copeland Toyota wanted to create a unique brand for their car dealership rather than use the national Toyota campaign.

Here's one example.

Commander's Mansion, Boston, MA

Advertising Concept and Production

Commander’s Mansion, Boston, MA Advertising Design and Concept

Commander's Mansion was looking for a series of ads to be published in Boston Spirit Magazine.

The branding campaign gave it a cohesive look even though each ad had different content.

Here's one example.

National Council of Women's Coalition (NCWO)

Direct Mail Brochure

National Council of Women’s Coalition (NCWO) Direct Mail Brochure

NCWO is a nonpartisan, nonprofit umbrella organization of groups that collectively represent over ten million women across the United States.

The brochure above was a call to participate in a young feminist internship.

We were able to work with a very tight budget.